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What is PPF?

PPF calculator is an online tool which you can use to calculate returns on the investments made in the PPF Account. A PPF or Public Provident Fund is a tax-exempt investment funds scheme offered by the Government of India. Wherein interest on the record is set for each quarter and is paid by the government. The pertinent interest rate on PPF for the principal quarter of the year, 2020-21. For example from first April to 31st June 2020 has been fixed at 7.1%. The interest rate for January to March 2020 was 7.9%. The ppf calculator can help and ease the process

PPF is a fixed pay venture. The interest rate on PPF account is told by the central government each quarter.

Interest on PPF is determined on a month to month basis, on the lease agreement between the end of the fifth day and the most recent day of constantly, for example with the end goal of interest estimation. Nonetheless, the amount that is deposited into the account before the fifth of the month is just thought of. So in that case, that any money is deposited on sixth of a month, at that point no interest will be paid on that amount in the individual month. Henceforth it is prompted that deposits ought to be made somewhere in the range of first and fifth of the month to augment the profits.

Along these lines, in case, that you are excited about a protected corpus, acquiring a not too bad tax-exempt rate of return, getting a charge out of tax reduction; at that point, PPF is for you. The commitments (for example speculations) made to the PPF account, will acquire a tax-exempt interest and the maturity continues and is excluded from annual tax. In any case, while you contribute, have a drawn-out speculation limit; it can help you in retirement planning.

PPF offers loans against the record which can likewise help you during events, for example, a wedding in the family, further studies of your kids, and so on if need be. Most importantly, it gives you a genuine feeling of serenity as your money is secured.

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What is PPF Calculator?

It is a simple to utilize a useful device that can help perform even the most entangled PPF related calculations easily. By utilizing the PPF calculator you can without much of a stretch figure out the year-wise PPF returns you can procure by adding to your PPF account over a pre-decided time-frame and with a particular recurrence. This is a flexible instrument and separate bank-wise calculators, for example, SBI PPF Calculator, PNB PPF Calculator, India Post PPF Calculator or HDFC PPF Calculator are superfluous. This is on the grounds, that of interest rate, maturity, tax assessment and withdrawal rules are controlled by the government. Subsequently, continue as before independent of where the PPF account is opened.Since the money you deposit in a PPF account is locked in for a long time with incomplete withdrawal office under certain conditions, it is prudent to have a gauge on how your reserve maturity. In this PPF calculator you have two choices; you can either decided to make fixed or variable investments over the time period of 15 years. You can utilize any of these alternatives according to your monetary arrangement and comprehend the profits you would procure on the basis two choices.In Fixed Investment Option it is accepted that you will deposit a fixed amount in the PPF account each year till the maturity (15 years).

How to utilize PPF calculator?

To appreciate this amazing tool to the fullest, you have to see how it functions. It’s easy to use and accurate data makes it a tool deserving of procurement. The client’s one and only job is to put esteems inside explicit segments and you are good to go. Subtleties that are to be given to this PPF sum calculator incorporate time period, aggregate the amount contributed, interest earned and furthermore amount contributed on the basis of month to month or yearly.

  • Enter the values in the imperative fields and the complete maturity sum will be reflected in no time.
  • On the off chance that an individual deposits amount on first of April, at that point interest will be determined dependent on basis of financial year. Swelling may influence this interest rate.

Formula for calculation PPF

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

This formula states the following variables –

I = Rate of interest
F = Maturity of PPF
N = Total number of years
P = Annual instalments

To understand the concept of PPF calculation, an example has been stated below:

If a person pays an annual amount of Rs.2,00,000 in their PPF investment for around 15 years at an interest rate of 7% then the person’s maturity sum at the closing year will be equal to 5763698. The following table shows the information on opening balance, closing balance, withdrawal amount along with rate of interest.


yearOpening amountdepositRate of interestClosing amountloanAmount withdrawn
4Rs.521931Rs.150000Rs.51067Rs. 722998Rs.837670

Benefit of using PPF calculator

The rundown beneath exhibits advantages of utilizing on the web PPF calculator.

  • This PPF calculator allows the users to make a clear understanding regarding how much interest can be earned with the investment of a specific measure of money.
  • With the help of this PPF calculator, you can be spared from a large amount of tax.
  • We frequently think that it’s hard to settle on a particular maturity time of their investment and this issue is handily comprehended with the using of PPF calculator India.
  • To guarantee that the user can get precise outcome, it is fundamental to give the PPF calculator the right deposited amount alongside sort of the deposit made; for example fixed or variable.
  • Additionally, it offers estimation on complete interest in a money related year.

Where to open a PPF account

You can open a PPF account at any Post Office saving schemes and some approved branches of nationalized and private banks. 

What are the documents that are required for opening a PPF account?

All you need is:

  • Application Form
  • Couple of visa size photos
  • ID proof
  • Confirmation of address

PPF Withdrawal

Whenever after the expiry of the fifth year from the date that the underlying membership is made. You become qualified to pull back an amount of not over half of the previous year’s amount or of the fourth year as soon as or before the time of withdrawal, whichever is less. On the off chance that you have taken any credit on your PPF, this additionally gets considered in and decreases your amount. You can’t make in excess of a single withdrawal in the year. You have to apply with Form C for any withdrawals.The money withdrawal will be constrained to half of the amount at credit toward the finish of the fourth year as soon as or before the year in which the amount is to be pulled back, or the parity toward the finish of the previous year, whichever is lower, according to the PPF rulebook.


From that point, you can make one withdrawal for each year. The withdrawal amount are not repayable. Along these lines, for instance, in the event that you opened your PPF account on April 1, 2014, you can make your first withdrawal after April 1, 2020, and the amount of money will be constrained to half of the parity as on – March 31, 2016, or the parity as on – March 31, 2019, whichever is lower; subject to advance taken on your PPF account.It is essential to take note of that; in the event that you have taken any credit on your PPF account (which is conceivable!), this likewise gets calculated in and lessens your parity.

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