Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is a SEBI -Registered Registrar & Transfer (R&T) Agency. This CAMSonline application provides users with technology-enabled services to process-related solutions to Mutual Fund houses and investors.

The investors need to create a user id and it enables them to transact across all participating  Mutual Funds Investment. These Mutual Fund Houses have authorized CAMS to provide designated services through this platform using the single login.

What does CAMS do?

NSE Investments Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of NSE), Warburg Pincus LLC (a leading global private equity firm), Faering Capital (a leading Indian mid-market private equity firm), ACSYS Investments Pvt Ltd and HDFC Group (a financial services conglomerate owning HDFC MF) headquartered in Chennai, India. are the collective owners of CAMSonline. It collaborates with various fund houses facilitating to build up an interactive and user-friendly service delivery model to ease investing.

This is used by the participating Mutual Funds companies and other financial institutions to record transactions and maintain these records. Essentially, transfer agents in the Mutual Funds industry will help maintain records of buying and selling of securities within funds. Some transfer agents also calculate and disburse dividends and help prepare and mail shareholder account statements.

CAMS online MF has been an integral part of the Indian Financial infrastructure for more than 30 years as a regulated entity. It has a market reputation acting as a Transfer Agency to the Asset Management Industry of India. And, has added a technology-enabled service solutions partner to Private Life Insurance, Private Equity Funds, Banks, Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs). CAMS facilitates both, the B2B and B2C, through various touchpoints. It has Service centers all over India, White Label Call center, and White Label Online Services.

Note: CAMS does not have any legal authorization to recommend a particular mutual fund plan.

How does CAMSonline work?

myCAMS is the online portal of CAMS. It provides “a mail-back service” to the investors, using which they receive mutual fund statements. You would need to provide your PAN number and the registered email id, and you can easily retrieve your statement of Mutual Funds. With CAMSonline you can also access scheme related analytics and performance metrics of different Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Or you can use the option of checking the realized gains through statements reflecting the capital gains of funds, short term or long term.

CAMSonline also provides a calculation for easy disbursement of dividends. This transfer agency helps maintain records of buying and selling of securities within funds or to prepare and mail shareholder account statements.

CAMS also has provided the help desk customer care number for them to contact free of cost. The toll-free number is 1800 4422 67.

CAMSonline Service Cycle

CAMSonline acts as a B2B partner serving fund managers and mutual fund distributors. This agency also works as B2C, by reaching the end-consumers using its nationwide network of service centers. CAMSonline serves more than 60% of the current MF assets of the country and provides services to more than 15 MF houses.

However, they do not have any legal authorization to recommend the best mutual fund or even distribute funds.

Services on Offer to AMCs

AMC usually avail the below services on CAMSonline:

  1. New Account setting,
  2. Processing of transactions,
  3. Provide Customer service,
  4. Data management,
  5. RAM (Risk Assessment and Management),
  6. Front-end commissions payable to sub-brokers,
  7. Computation of Incentives payable to Sub-Brokers for sales,
  8. Commission payable to Financial Consultants for sales,
  9. Maintaining Details about the Sub-Broker,
  10. Investor’s details,
  11. Import of Investor’s daily transaction details,
  12. Month-End Net Asset Value, or NAV in short,
  13. Import of Month-End Trailer fees payable,
  14. Target-based incentive commissions payable to sub-brokers,
  15. System to view Investor’s portfolio under one client number.

Features & Benefits of CAMSonline

  • Quality Check: CAMS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified establishment. It follows a stringent quality check policy with 6 sigma levels of quality checks.
  • Transfer Agency Services: Responsibilities of active Mutual Funds companies include processing transactions, mapping trends, giving customer support, and managing the overall fund reports. CAMSonline provides technical support to complete these tasks instantly.
  • Risk Management: CAMSonline has an in-built, self-determining, risk management program operating under the supervision of specialists. Therefore, every possible operative risk can be managed to steady outcomes.
  • Access: CAMS covers over 250 locations and is expanding steadily. Its wide reach has helped manufacturers in eliminating the need for permanent infrastructures, thereby reducing their expenditures. You can approach your nearest CAMS service center for help with infrastructure installation and it’s after-sales maintenance.
  • Strong web presence: Currently, they use an online supporting network called FinNet. It helps them cater to orders from places without CAMS service centers, increasing the reach of CAMS to the places that do not have CAMS service centers.
  • Updated Technology: CAMSonline boasts of cutting-edge, locally developed technology solutions, that are at par with international standards. This IT infrastructure can support over 1 crore transactions monthly.
  • Confidentiality: Details about the customer is highly sensitive information. It is kept highly protected at CAMSonline. Only the rightful owner can access and the data is used to serve the customers.
  • e-KYC: CAMSonline allows the investors to verify their KYC electronically, instantly and cost-free.  At the same time, catering for the investment transactions simultaneously.
  • Portfolio mapping: Every mutual fund investment option you choose (under CAMSonline) gets linked to your investment portfolio. Just make sure that you provide the same email id for all your investments.
  • One registration: When you register yourself at CAMSonline, you can use that user id for all your future mutual fund transactions.

CAMSonline Registration Process

Visit the myCAMS page. Get registered using the email-id that you are using for your mutual fund portfolio. Your one-time registration will remain valid for the lifetime, whether with CAMSonline or the APP.
The portal allows only 48 hours of validity for one-time generated credentials. If you get delayed, the process needs to be repeated to generate new credentials.
It takes minimal time to schedule payments or businesses, manage and monitor the portfolio, buy more and redeem, etc.

Process for registering in CAMSonline

  1. Visit the myCAMS portal.
  2. Click the tab “New User Registration” to generate a user id.
  3. A new window will open. You will need to enter your registered email id and captcha.  Then “Submit”.
  4. When you have registered using the email-id being used for your portfolio, the registration gets successful. And a confirmation message will be displayed on the page.
  5. Check your email for credentials and login details. Click on it to log in.
  6. The first thing the site will ask you is to change your password. Make sure you do that after the successful login.
  7. Now Login again, using the id and the new password.

For Registration via the mobile APP

  1. Download the myCAMS APP from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and install.
  2. Click on “Register Now”. The “New Registration” screen will open.
  3. Enter your registered email-id there and submit to sign up.
  4. Your Login credentials will be sent by mail
  5. Use the information to go to your account on myCAMS.
  6. Change your password before proceeding.
  7. Login again using the new password and explore the world of Mutual Funds.

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