What if your mutual fund agent doesn’t reply to your phone? At the time you need your mutual fund statement to submit for tax deduction under Section 80C (ELSS). Or you have lost the contact number of your agent? How will you get your Mutual Funds statement? What if you urgently need your long term or short term capital gains status? What if you invested in Direct Mutual Funds and need the consolidated mutual fund statement?

All of the above questions have one answer. The answer is to get a mutual fund statement online. You can get your mutual fund statement online through CAMSonline MF. You can check the status of your mutual funds on the portal, sitting comfortably at home or at work. All you need to do is update your basic information on the CAMSonline MF portal. This way you can get the statement on your email instantly.

What is CAMSonline MF?

CAMSonline or Computer Age Management Services Online is a Mutual Fund Registrar & Transfer Agency (R&TA), from SEBI, in India. A platform providing technology-enabled services and processing related solutions to fund houses and investors.
RTAs are those institutions that register, store and maintain detailed records of the transactions done by the investors. They are skilled professionals for expertly maintaining such records.
CAMS helps investors to access scheme related analytics and performance metrics of various AMCs (Asset Management Companies).
It also enables easy retrieval of mutual fund statements by just providing PAN and registered mail-id. The user would need to access the “Mailback Services” to get the statements. There is another option available for checking the realized gains through statements that reflects both short term as well as long term capital gains of funds.
With the ever-increasing number of investors and their activities, business in MF organizations is increasing too. The activity may be buying, selling, exchanging, redeeming funds, updating certain personal information, etc. It becomes impossible for the AMCs to keep track of all the transactions done by all their investors. But with the help of these trusted RTAs, they are able to outsource these back-end transactions and record-keeping.

What are the Objectives of CAMSonline?

NSE Investments Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of NSE), Faering Capital (a leading Indian mid-market private equity firm), Warburg Pincus LLC (a leading global private equity firm), ACSYS Investments Pvt Ltd and HDFC Group (a financial services conglomerate owning HDFC MF) headquartered in Chennai, India. have pooled in to establish CAMSonline. It collaborates with various fund houses in its endeavor to build up an interactive and user-friendly service delivery model to make investing convenient.

This is used by the participating AMCs and other financial institutions to record transactions and maintain these records. Essentially, transfer agents in the Mutual Funds industry help maintain records of buying and selling of securities within funds. Some transfer agents also calculate & disburse dividends and help prepare & mail shareholder account statements.

CAMS online has been an integral part of the financial infrastructure in India for over 30 years as a regulated entity. It has built goodwill in the market acting as a Transfer Agency to the Asset Management Industry of India. And, has added a technology-enabled service solutions partner to Private Life Insurance, Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), Private Equity Funds, Banks. CAMS aids both, B2B and B2C, through various touchpoints. Its service centers are spread all over India, White Label Call center, and White Label Online Services.

CAMSonline MF can also be contacted at its toll-free number 1800 4422 67. 

Key Features

  • Access: It has offices at almost 250 locations, covering the entire nation, for easy accessibility for the manufactures. This also eliminates the need for permanent infrastructure. CAMS service centers are one-stop solutions to issues concerning maintenance and installation after-purchase.
  • Web presence: CAMS is helped by a strong supporting network called FinNet in increasing its outreach even to the regions which do not have CAMS service centers.
  • Quality check: Being an ISO certified establishment, CAMS offers a stringent quality check policy coming with a 6-sigma level of quality check.
  • Up-to-date technology: CAMS is equipped with the most advanced technology serving to maintain international standards. They have an outstanding IT infra which helps them deliver/cater to nearly 1 crore transactions per month.
  • Portfolio Mapping: Using the same email id, you can easily keep a track of all your investments made through CAMS under your portfolio.
  • Risk management: It boasts of an in-built risk management program that is under specialised supervision.
  • eKYC: It allows electronic verification of KYC while catering to the investment transactions simultaneously.

Registration on CAMSonline MF

CAMS developed the myCAMS, the online application for the convenience of the investors. Using this, you can make a single Login User ID. From now onwards, you are all set-up to transact across all Mutual Funds.

Mind you, you can only transact those Mutual Funds which have authorized CAMS. Further, ensure that the same email ID has been registered in all your mutual fund investments.

You can create your User ID on Desktop or through Mobile App.

Desktop Version

To get registered on your Desktop, visit www.camsonline.com.

  1. Select Investor Services,
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, below Login with myCAMS Account, select New User,
  3. On this new screen, enter the registered email id, mobile number. After that click on Submit.
  4. An Alert will be displayed on the screen if the mail-id & mobile number is correct and registered.
  5. You will receive a confirmation mail on your email-id. This mail will have Login Credentials.
  6. Next, use the Credentials to Login on the Login with myCAMS Account screen.
  7. It is advisable that you change your password, immediately afterward. This is the password that CAMS will use to encrypt the file that will be sent to you in further communications. This should not be your email ID’s password.
  8. Finally, you may re-login with your registered email ID as the User ID and the password as you had just set-up.

Registration on Mobile App:

myCAMS mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play store here. For iOS, you can download from the iTunes App Store, here, and install the same. Both are available free of cost. The App is compatible with Android OS (version 4.4 and above) or iOS 7.

  1. Click Register Now,
  2. Enter your registered email id on the New Registration screen. After that click Submit.
  3. Next, check your email. You will receive a confirmation mail. This mail will have Login Credentials.
  4. Use the Credentials to Login on the Login screen of your App.
  5. It is advisable that you change your password, immediately afterward.
  6. At last, you may re-login with your registered email ID as the User ID and the password as you had just set-up.

Services Available

Given below is a brief summary of all the services available on CAMSonline for your Mutual Funds investments. A guide to how you can transact and keep up with the latest information on your Mutual Funds Plans.

Manage your Account: 

  1. You can view and update your profile, Name, PAN, and another KYC, Contact details or how much Tax has been saved, etc.
  2. Details about your portfolio. Joint Holders, if any, Holdings, Nominees, etc.
  3. Inquiry about SIP, DIGISIP, STP, SWP.
  4. Besides you can schedule & View Future Payments.
  5. Change of Dividend option.
  6. Portfolio Valuation of your Mutual Funds. You can choose to view your Consolidated Investment Statement by Asset class Pie Charts.
  7. Likewise, you can check Cost Value, Market Value, Appreciation in the Values.
  8. Fund-wise or Scheme-wise portfolio statement.
  9. Additionally, you can transact online. Purchase or Redeem your units online. Switching between different MF plans.

Get Statements:

You will receive a Consolidated Statement of all your holdings in a single report. This is sent to your registered email id. You also have the option to receive a Consolidated Statement across all RTAs, i.e. CAMS+Karvy+FTAMIL+SBFS. This will cover most of the mutual funds available in India.

Other than that, you can also choose:

  • Active Statement,
  • Portfolio Valuation,
  • Realized Gains,
  • Transaction details,
  • Exit Load,
  • Statement on Dividend, etc.

NAV & Dividend:

Here you can check both your current and the history of NAV and Dividend Rate details. All the schemes of the Funds handled by CAMSonline MF are listed.


Moreover, you can access Customer Care. Post Queries or Complaints, if any. Request for Services. Find the nearest CAMS office. Change password. Check the Terms & Conditions of CAMS. Go through their Data Protection Policy etc.

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