“Benefits of a mutual funds-A easy way to grow and create your wealth”

Many of us are apprehensive about the thought of maintaining our own investments. With a licensed fund management company, people are put in charge of several purposes based on their knowledge, experience, and abilities. Investors are spoilt for choice when it reaches to choosing the best investment parkway – bank deposits, money market securities, shares, bonds, etc. For building wealth, the best way to invest for the investor is mutual funds as it has a well-designed structure with greater potential plus opportunities.

But before knowing the benefits that mutual funds cater to investors let us discuss what it is and who regulates them?

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is a financial instrument which collects the money of different people. Further invests them in stocks or bonds and many more schemes. Mutual Fund Investment provides various schemes according to investors needs and requirements.

Every investor in a mutual fund scheme holds units of the fund. Which further depicts a part of the holdings of the scheme.

The bonds/securities are chosen retaining in mind the investment objective of the scheme. They are operated by AMCs (asset management companies).To guard and protect the interest of investors in securities. Also, to support the growth and to regulate the securities market-SEBI mentions regulations for the mutual funds.


There are various types of mutual funds.

There are more mutual funds which are provided with the fund houses. Now let us discuss the various benefits that mutual funds render to investors. For their better future.

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1)    It gives a SIP option

If an investor does not want to make a one-time investment. They can invest in smaller and handy instalments called SIP. Best SIP Plans substitute financial discipline in investors. As it averages the rupee cost. SIP investment is an ideal alternative to mid-income and low-income investors.

With the guidance of a SIP Calculator, you learn the amount you require to place aside at regular intervals. That is weekly, monthly, and quarterly- this would reach your goal of creating a singular fund in the extended run.

2)    A potential of giving higher returns

When contrasted to traditional investment instruments the mutual funds in prevailing time have the ability to create higher returns.
As they invest in a diversity of market-linked instruments. So, those holds a low risk-appetite can invest in debt mutual funds. It leads to giving FD-beating returns. Equity mutual funds have given 11-15% across the last 10 years. Hence, for investors with a medium to high risk-appetite can go for it. Investing in equities through mutual funds will assist them to get higher returns while reducing risk, gratefulness to rupee-cost averaging.

3) Mutual Funds Have Broad Market Exposure

This means mutual funds have diversification nature. Investors experience the benefit of asset diversification when they invest in mutual funds. One mutual fund can spend in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different investment securities. Making it feasible to gain diversification by investing in just one fund.

Diversified portfolios invest in a variety of instruments, from moderate to large risks. Few of them are bonds, stocks, international securities and many more. The underperformance of one fund can be evaluated out by the performance of other funds in the portfolio. Having a diversified portfolio enhances the possibility of gaining higher returns while reducing risks.

4) Liquidity a capacity to invest and redeem with applicability

The greatest assets of mutual funds are the capacity to invest and redeem with relevant efficiency compared to other instruments. Investors have the choice of taking their money back nearly immediately in case of mutual funds. That is based on the NAV all (Net Asset Value) at that point.
The single point to view out for is exit load, which may appeal to some funds. Though, we do not support redeeming your investments except your fund -you’ve reached your goals or underperforms. Talk to a private financial advisor when it proceeds to the assets redemption.

5) Secure and Professionally management

Mutual funds are run by expert fund managers. They are fitted experts in this field. Have the skills to recognise the best stocks in the market. Plus trace their performance on a consistent basis to guard that they give great returns to the investors.
They also assist investors to learn option when it appears to pick the right funds. They answer each and every query connected with mutual funds. Whether the question is who regulates mutual fund or which is the best scheme for child education.

6) Economies of scale in transaction costs

Since mutual funds buy and sell bonds and securities in large volumes. The transaction costs on a per unit base are much less than what retail investors may acquire. If they trade in that is buying and selling shares through stock brokers.

7) Concerning the lock-in periods

When contrasted to others long term funds schemes like PF, pension schemes or PPF .having maturity period 15 years. Mutual fund benefits in lock-in periods as they assist up to three years for it.

The debt mutual funds give 1-year lock-in period and equity gives 3 years of the lock-in period. The exit load is imposed 1% from premature withdrawal. The funds cannot be withdrawn before 3 years. People who are seeking short term lock-in periods can invest in index mutual funds, which ha maturity of 20 days.

8) Tax benefits of mutual funds

Mutual fund assets can include tax deduction and exemption benefits as per terms of section 80 c and section 10 of the income tax act.
All mutual fund schemes do not give tax savings benefits. Investors who seek tax savings among mutual fund benefits should seek for schemes under the tax saving mutual funds.
Tax saving ELSS funds with a lock-in of 3 years suit as tax saving mutual funds.
Tax saving advantage for mutual fund investment is both in the form.

  • Deduction- Tax benefit
  • Exemption- Tax benefit


For investors with a short time to use following the ups and downs of the markets, mutual funds give a great choice. Above mentioned are several incentives to give up person stock-picking and turn to mutual funds.

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