Best mutual fund advisor-are qualified experts who can explain the idea and differences of a fund. Their job involves thinking out which fund meets the investor’s interest.

Introduction to mutual fund and its advisors

A mutual fund merges one’s money along with that of many other investors. Further, invests this money in the best mutual funds.

  • Also, depending on the type of mutual fund in India one picks up.
  • It invests in various stocks if one prefers equity mutual funds or equity diversified mutual funds.
  • In bonds or fixed income securities, if one chooses debt funds. Plus a blend of equity and debt if one chooses a balanced mutual fund.
  • The Company which regulates and manages the mutual fund is called an Asset Management Company.
  • An AMC may maintain different mutual fund plans.
  • The money one with many investors invest in the mutual fund is operated by a licensed and professional called best fund managers in India.
  • Fund manager appoints by AMC. The fund manager receives a fee for handling investors money, which subtracts from the money, one invest in the mutual fund.
  • The actions of the AMC are supervised by SEBI and AMFI.
  • One has to pay money when one enters and exit a mutual fund scheme and plans called the entry load and exit load.

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An advisor is an individual or company included in counseling or investing capital for investors. Registered investment advisors and investment advisory companies are 2 chief entities that investors watch out for investment management. They are different from becoming a mutual fund agent mutual fund distributor, and financial advisors.

The mutual fund agents can be a personal agent as well as hired by the company. Now let’s discuss in brief about best mutual fund advisor/ Companies.

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List of 6 best mutual fund companies advisors in India

There are many experts and skillful advisors in mutual fund in India. They can be an individual or as well as a company.

  • Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited (AIL) is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It has businesses over India involved in large scale creation of various chemicals like benzene intermediaries, pharmaceuticals, surfactants, mutual funds, etc. Even it is one of the greatest suppliers:

  1. Global manufacturers of Dyes
  2. Pigments
  3. Agrochemicals
  4. Pharmaceuticals & rubber chemicals.

Aarti is among the biggest producers of Benzene-based primary and common chemicals in India. It has a corporate office in Mumbai with representatives in the US & Europe.

best mutual fund advisor

The graphical presentation of Arti industry till June 19, 2019

  • Igarashi Motors India Limited

Igarashi Motors is usually involved in the production. Also, the export of Permanent Magnet DC Motors for Automotive Sector especially for passenger cars. It is a heading in the global automotive part market player in Actuator Motors.IMLI has its key application as ETC ( Electronic Throttle Control ).
Since 1996it has in Global Automotive Component Industry populated over 500 Million DC motors.For practice in actuator application/systems in passenger cars. It has shares in mutual funds advising as well.

best mutual fund advisor

The graphical presentation of Igarashi motors till June 17, 2019.

  • JK Cement Limited

JK Cement Ltd is an associate of the multi-disciplinary industrial conglomerate JK Organisation which in past establishes by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. For over 4 decades, JK Cement has partnered India’s multi-sectoral infrastructure requirements on the power of its product superiority. Customer orientation and technology leadership The Company has over four decades of experience in cement manufacturing. Their operations began with commercial production at our 1st grey cement plant at Nimbahera in the state of Rajasthan in May 1975.

The Company is the 2nd biggest manufacturer of white cement in India, with a yearly capacity of 600,000 tonnes in India. Now at its various locations, the Company has a restrained power production capacity of over 140.7 MW.That involves 23.2 MW of waste heat recovery power plants. Apart from all, it works as an advisor in mutual funds.

best mutual fund advisor

The graphical presentation of J.K cement till June 17, 2019

  • SRF Limited

The company was founded in 1970. As Shri Ram Fibres Limited, by DCM Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Its primary focus was on the production of nylon cord fibers for tires. Over the years, the company expanded its product presents into technical textiles, engineering plastics, chemicals, and packaging films. In 1990, it modified its name to SRF Limited.

At SRF, they stand dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through our ample range of products and services. Continuing their enthusiasm -They have adopted continuous improvement as a slogan which forms their ideas and activities. Now, anchored by their strong workforce of around 6500 of various nationalities working in 12 manufacturing plants in India. The 2 in Thailand and 1 in South Africa. They are also advisors in mutual funds.

best mutual fund advisor

The graphical presentation of SRF LTD till June 17, 2019

  • VST Industries Limited

It’s a public conglomerate company that has been headquartered in Hyderabad, India and has registered office over there. The company produces and distributes cigarettes. It began off like the earlier Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company usually known as VST. Also, shares collaboration with British American Tobacco group of the UK. It is completely autonomous and registered as VST Industries Ltd in the year 1983.

The Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company Limited was organized on 10th November 1930.
The Company’s shares are registered on BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

The Company has a manufacturing ability at Hyderabad. Toopran (Telangana) and its main activities are the production & sale of cigarettes and unmanufactured tobacco. It is a great advisor in a mutual fund.

best mutual fund advisor

The graphical presentation of VST industries till June 17, 2019

  • Varroc Engineering Limited

Varroc is a global automotive part manufacturer. Also, a supplier of :

  • Exterior lighting systems
  • Powertrains
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Body and chassis parts to passenger car and motorcycle parts global

The company was established by Tarang Jain in 1990. Plus is currently headquartered at Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India. Having 35 manufacturing facilities and 11 engineering centers in 10 countries over 3 continents. It also works towards mutual fund advising.

best mutual fund advisor

The graphical presentation of Varrco Engineering industries till June 18, 2019


Soon, more and more people are crowding towards mutual fund investment and why not. They deliver diversification, liquidity, effortless customization, and skillful management. Still, it also names for a specific level of awareness from the investor’s section. Therefore, it is necessary to understand one’s investment goals and risk profile that can assist one to pick up a fund respectively. This is a situation where a mutual fund advisor can support one.

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