What are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are a type of market exchanged security which draws in insignificant evaluating and offers better returns to the investors. These protections are generally offered by organizations with lower market capitalisation rates. In this manner, these are additionally called nano-cap stocks, miniature cap stocks, and little cap stocks, contingent upon the organization’s market capitalisation.

An organization’s market capitalization rate is resolved depends on the result of the current cost of its offers or stocks and the number of exceptional offers for example NAV of offers x number of exceptional stocks.

In view of this factor, organizations are ordered in perceived stock trades, for example, the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. Penny stock records are regularly found in the lower areas of such stock trades or lesser-known stock trades.

The accompanying table exhibits the order of organizations dependent on their market-capitalisation rates –

Large-cap companiesMid-cap companiesSmall-cap companies
Rs. 20,000 Crore or aboveRs. 5,000 Crore – 20,000 CroreBelow Rs. 5,000 Crore

Penny stocks in India are, hence, delivered by organizations with market capitalisation lower than Rs. 5,000 Crore.

What are its Features?

The highlights of penny stocks are recorded beneath –

Exceptional yields: These stocks give a lot better yields contrasted with different types of protections. As such offers are given by little and miniature cap organizations, they have immense potential for development. Therefore, penny stocks are unsafe, given their power of reaction to advertising changes.

Illiquid: Penny stocks in India are illiquid in nature, given the way that the organizations giving them are moderately disliked. It gets testing to discover people who will buy these stocks, in this way offering little guide during crises.

Ease: In India, penny stocks are normally evaluated lower than Rs. 10. In this way, you could buy a generous measure of stock units from penny stock rundown with a limited scale venture.

Flighty estimating: Penny stocks probably won’t pull insufficient evaluation during the deal. It may bring about a lower or non-existent net revenue. Essentially, these stocks could likewise pull in a cost fundamentally higher than your expense; consequently, bringing about an extensive benefit.

For what reason Should You Invest in Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks can be viewed as a hit or miss security. Organizations giving them may develop into a huge association and yield higher than normal returns or tank in their underlying years, causing immense misfortunes.

In spite of these intimations, penny stocks ought to be remembered for your portfolio. Here are the accompanying reasons with respect to why –


A portion of these stocks can possibly develop into multi-baggers. It implies shares which yield in products of the speculation sum. In the event that particular security procures twofold its venture sum, it is known as a twofold bagger, and in the event that it returns multiple times its speculation esteem, it is viewed as a ten-bagger.

Remembering them for your portfolio could dramatically build your return prospects and may outflank the enormous and mid-cap reserves. In any case, lead intensive investigation into the penny stocks rundown to measure which stocks can possibly be multibaggers.


Mr A contributed Rs. 5000 in penny loads of G Ltd., an IT fire up. Every unit costs Rs. 5. The firm offered well at the market and their penny stock worth remained at Rs. 50 toward the finish of the FY 18 – 19. Mr An at that point sold his 1000 offers at Rs. 50,000, along these lines acquiring multiple times the return. This stock is viewed as a ten-bagger.


Putting resources into these stocks is relatively less expensive. Thus, you can put resources into them without losing any critical part of your venture funds. Dispensing a little part of your portfolio to buy the best penny stocks for 2019 in India would in any case permit you the room to put resources into other, safer venture choices while significantly decreasing the danger factor related.

What are the Risks Associated with Penny Stocks?

Given the scale at which the organizations offering such stocks work, they are inclined to colossal dangers. These stocks vigorously depend on available conditions for development in their worth.

Aside from the essential hazards which accompany any market-connected protections, there are different types of dangers related to penny stocks. These are –

Restricted data: Given the way that organizations giving penny stocks are new companies, there exists a deficiency of data on their monetary sufficiency, past execution, development possibilities, and so forth People may wind up putting resources into them half-wittingly. Thusly, lead the exhaustive investigation into the rundown of penny stocks in India prior to contributing.

Tricks: Penny stock tricks are typical in global monetary history. One such well known technique is “Siphon and Dump”. Organizations and tricksters buy a lot of penny stocks bringing about worth swelling which pulls in different financial backers to follow the publicity.

Notwithstanding, when enough purchasers have put resources into such stocks, such organizations and tricksters dump their offers. This outcomes in a prompt bringing down of worth followed by misfortunes on the trustworthy financial backers’ end as they attempt to sell it.

At the point when you are perusing the rundown of penny stocks in India, guarantee to direct careful exploration on the particular organizations. Assemble data on their monetary sufficiency, solidness, development possibilities and any history on their tasks.

Organizations with respectability and potential will offer the clients enough information on the referenced components to settle on educated choices.

What are the Alternative Options to Penny Stocks in India?

People can likewise choose to put resources into other speculation alternatives which are more qualified to their goals and danger craving. Common Funds are one such choice which is progressively acquiring prominence on the lookout. MFs are speculation pools which include various people putting resources into a solitary asset which is then used to buy protections.

A couple of Mutual Funds speculation alternatives are recorded beneath –

Huge and mid-cap value reserves: This sort of MFs is utilized to buy value offers and stocks from enormous cap and mid-cap undertakings. These assets have moderate return limit and involve lower hazard contrasted with penny stocks.

Obligation Funds: These assets are utilized to buy fixed pay protections and accompany a lower hazard factor. Nonetheless, the profit potential for such assets is restricted to 12%.

Crossbreed Funds: These assets are utilized to buy a combination of market-connected and fixed pay protections. Contingent upon the constitution, the danger, and return factor changes. Crossover Funds are an incredible choice to enhance your speculation portfolio and equilibrium the prize and hazard components of it.

These assets contain an enormous volume of protections accessible in the market including huge cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, little cap stocks, depository charges, government securities, debentures, and so on separated from penny stocks. Make sure to direct industriousness prior to choosing the correct speculation choice as per your monetary targets.