Introduction: Mid-cap funds (MCF)

A mid-cap fund is a kind of equity mutual funds where the investment fund directs its investments on companies with a capitalization in the average range of stocks in the investable market.

Mid-cap mutual funds invest entirely in mid-cap companies. With the current guidelines by SEBI. Sebi guidelines on the categorization of mutual fund schemes, the mid-cap portion is determined by holds the stocks that are listed from 101 to 250 by market capitalization.
Larger stocks are possible to be less risky whereas smaller stocks might have a greater capacity to expand. Mid-cap companies have a market capitalization of Rs.500 – Rs10,000 crores. One can see mid-cap companies in the BSE -Midcap Index.

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Who invests in Mid-cap funds?

Investing in mid-cap funds is not advised for fresh or 1st-time investors. If one considers that he/she can bear high risk. Also, can commit to an investment extent of about 7-10 years, this is a great choice for them.
As an investor, if ready to take higher risks of vulnerability to changeable market provisions than as contrasted to a large-cap fund. One must invest in this fund.

Investors who are demanding for high-speed growth. Also, high-risk appetite for risks contrasted to those of large-cap funds must invest in mid-cap funds. Mid-sized companies may give quick profits and greater growth while being active on the stock index. Investors who are available to exist with the levity of these stocks in expectations of captivating returns must proceed forward with midcap funds.

How invests in mid-cap funds?

Investing in Mid Cap Equity Funds can be made easily accessible at WealthBucket.

Cater to these easy steps and one can begin the investment journey:

  • Step 1

into the website – 

  • Step 2

After login into the website. Go to Start Investing ( at the right side )there is an option for Mid-Cap Mutual funds. Click on that.

  • Step 3

The page will show in the rightmost side get you to account. Enter all the details asked. and click on invest now.

  • Step 4

Then create an account and password. also, get your KYC done in 5 minutes by entering PAN number.

  • Step 5

Invest in chosen mid-cap equity fund at Wealthbucket amongst hand-picked mutual funds.

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Benefits of Mid-cap funds

MCF has constantly exceeded large-cap funds. The MCF is almost following in stock markets as contrasted with large-cap funds. This gives investors a large chance to explore swift growth in their investments applying these funds.
Let’s cater to the benefits of this fund :

  • Mid-cap companies have been in business long-run to evade errors normally created by small-cap companies.
  • As compared to Small-cap funds the liquidity is more of MCF.
  • Mid-cap funds are less risky and light as contrasted to small-cap funds. With great extension opportunities than large-cap funds.
  • The attractive characteristic of mid-caps to investors is that they are supposed to grow and expand profits.
  • The market share and productivity places in the center of their maturity curve.
  • They are still estimated to be in a growth stage, they are considered to be light risky than small-caps, but riskier than large-caps.
  • Mid-cap stocks describe a hybrid of the 2, giving a balance of maturity and endurance.

Points to consider while investing MCF

  • Evaluate the past performance of the MCF at first. Review the performance of the mid-cap index by the market cycles. As the mid-cap companies are nearly new or not that widely examined. It requires an observant eye to know the potential of fund. Begin by reviewing the rating of the fund and the flexibility of its performance.
  • To receive profit from MCF, one must be ready to provide funds with a time duration of 7-10 years. Equity investments are active in the short run. Also, make extra sense from an investing point of view to continue for longer-run.
  • Know the costs associated with investing in MCF. There will be a fee imposed by the AMC for operating one’s fund. There might be a commission involved, will be given to broker/ distributor. Try and choose a fund that begins with a moderate expense ratio.
  • Take investment advice from an expert and specialist fund manager. Picking MCF- which lead to being riskier, needs qualitative review. The fund manager that one select need to have an influential performance record.
  • The selection of a fund house needs to satisfy specific criteria. Like – an expert in-house analysis team that has great coverage and methods to control risk and many more. The performance of the fund through both the vigorous as well as the severe cycles must be kept in point.
  • If one is a risk limit is great, one may consider investing in MCF.
  • One must consider the tax-saving investment options. Have a tax planning fund that is usually related to as ELSS Equity Linked Saving Scheme. These funds will provide the advantage of saving income tax following Section 80C.

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Best performing funds of Midcap funds in 2019

For knowing the performances of the MCF in 2019. Observe the table according to the years of performance with NAV of the mutual fund companies. Also, knowing the plan is direct or regular plus their rating.

Fund schemes namePlan (DP/RP)3 year5 yearNAVRating(1-5)
Axis Midcap Fund Direct plan (DP) 13.68% 17.11%34.77
 Invesco India MCF DP 12.48% 17.56% 45.61
 Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund Direct Plan 11.01% 17.53% 131.23
 Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Regular Plan (RP) 60.88%  61.82%50.13
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund DP 21.03% 21.35% 51.87
 Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund Regular Plan 9.86% 15.99% 24.88
 DHFL Pramerica Midcap Opportunities Fund DP 4.89% 9.11% 16.94
 Aditya Birla Sun Life MIDCAP Fund Direct plan 7.38% 14.29%269.92
 UTI MCF DP 6.54% 15.43% 93.76
 SBI MAGNUM GLOBAL FUND Regular Plan 21.03% 14.18% 69.37
 Sundaram Select Small Cap Series IV RP 37.82%  38.2% 16.10
 DSP MCF Regular Plan 12.09% 17.15% 10.8
BNP Paribas Mid Cap Fund Direct Plan 8.20% 15.51% 30.08

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Successful mid-cap companies administer the risk by recognising their market capitalization growth. Essentially due to an expansion in their share prices, to the circumstance where they drop out of the ‘mid-cap’ section. 

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