What are UTI Mutual Funds?

UTI Mutual Fund or UTI MF came into existence on 1st February 2003, being managed by UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. (UTI AMC). Where UTI AMC is a registered portfolio manager under the SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 1993. Its field is to undertake portfolio management services and also act as the manager and marketer to offshore funds. The AMC was established on November 14, 2002.

Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India and Life Insurance Corporation of India are the sponsors of the UTI Mutual Fund.

UTI MF maintains a country-wide network, consisting of 70 UTI Financial Centers (UFCs) and International Offices in London, Dubai, and Bahrain.

UTI Mutual Fund is involved in a variety of businesses like mutual funds, international business, retirement solutions, portfolio management services, and alternative investment assets. It has a track record of managing a variety of schemes catering to the needs of every class of citizenry.

With strong research capabilities, it has displayed resilience to surpass turbulent economic conditions. UTI MF is able to pick securities based on robust valuation and risk classification. According to its guidelines, the portfolios are managed actively to deliver the best returns when compared to the benchmark, whether NIFTY or BSE Sensex. Portfolios are reviewed periodically and re-arranged, as required to ensure consistency in performance.

With a well-diversified portfolio, it uses industry-led superior practices to serve the varied needs of investors. UTI MF attempts to provide an effective combination of domain leadership in the capital markets supported by state-of-the-art technological expertise. Efforts are made to provide investment opportunities that satisfy the risk/return needs of the clients.

How to invest in UTI Mutual Fund?

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Best 5 UTI Equity Funds to invest

UTI Equity Mutual Funds are High-Risk to Moderately-High Risk funds that invest in equities and shares of high return yielding companies. The portfolios are created so as to meet long-term goals such as retirement planning and building up capital. The returns are subject to changes occurring in the performance of the equity shares/securities.

S. No.FundFund ObjectiveRisk Factor5-Year Annualized Return
1.UTI MNC FundIt is a thematic scheme that invests in equity shares of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) who have efficiency in Technology, Operations, and Capital Allocation. The fund looks for strong companies having low financial leverage and high price leadership capabilities. It is suitable for investors who are ready to bear short-term fluctuations in fund returns and experience exposure to high-quality MNCs.High24.24%
2.UTI India Lifestyle FundThis fund invests primarily in equity shares of companies that are operating in the consumer goods segment, whether Large Cap or Small Cap. It looks for stocks that look promising for high earnings, growth prospects and strong fundamentals. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios may take exposure to this fund.High17.25%
3.UTI Healthcare FundThis is a Sectoral Fund. It invests in equity shares of companies that are operating in the field of pharmaceutical and healthcare services domain. The stocks are picked across market capitalization and may take concentrated exposure to certain stocks. Investors who want to take benefit of the growth in the pharma sector and are ready to bear the high risk surrounding such investment may try this fund.High13.04%
4.UTI Equity FundThe Multi-Cap scheme that aims at investing in stocks of high-quality businesses irrespective of the market capitalization. Only those stocks are made part of the portfolio which displays robust and strong growth over the long-term and has experienced management. This Fund is suitable for investors who want to build their portfolio with a solid base coupled with a disciplined approach to investment.Moderately High21.4%
5.UTI Nifty Index FundThis is a low-cost and passively managed fund. The fund manager seeks to reduce the difference between the fund returns and the underlying index of Nifty 50. Ideal for investors who want to take equity exposure at a lower cost together with the elimination of firm-related risk.Moderately High17.25%

Top 5 UTI Debt Funds

UTI Debt Mutual Funds have Moderate to Moderately-Low Risk Portfolios. These make investments in fixed income securities, for example, debentures, bonds, treasury bills, and other money-market instruments. The fund schemes are designed to meet financial goals such as preservation of capital, liquidity and income generation. The Returns may change as per the price fluctuation of the underlying debt instruments.

S. No.FundFund ObjectiveRisk Factor5-Year Annualized Return
1.UTI Banking & PSU Debt FundThis Scheme seeks to invest in high-quality papers of banks and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) from Short to Mid-term. The objective is to provide accrual income by preserving capital and minimizing interest rate risk. If you want to earn returns higher than the traditional fixed-income avenues, in that case, you may invest in this fund.Moderate8.21%
2.UTI Credit Risk FundThe fund aims to provide wealth creation along with reasonable income by investing in short-term high income-generating securities. The fund manager actively manages the portfolio to bring changes in duration and credit ratings. If you are ready to build a Moderately Risky debt portfolio over Mid-Term, you may invest in this fund.Moderate7.76%
3.UTI Medium Term FundThis scheme tries to provide wealth creation together with higher interest income by maintaining a well-diversified portfolio of government securities and debt instruments. Investors seeking to build a Moderately Risky debt portfolio over Mid-Term may invest in this fund.Moderate7.94%
4.UTI Dynamic Bond FundThe fund attempts to adjust the portfolio duration as per the changing rate of interest to deliver higher performance. The fund manager may reduce or increase the duration of the portfolio duration as per the rise or fall in the interest rates respectively. Investors who wish to maintain a well-diversified liquid portfolio in a dynamic interest rate regime may invest in this fund.Moderate7.94%
5.UTI Money Market FundThis scheme seeks to preserve capital which provides stable returns and has low fluctuations in the short-run. The fund manager maintains a well-diversified portfolio of money market securities such as treasury bills and certificates of deposit. Investors who intend to park their surplus capital for a short-term and expect a liquid portfolio for this capital may think of investing in this scheme.Moderate-Low7.31%

Best UTI Hybrid Mutual Funds

UTI Hybrid Funds are investment schemes with Moderate-High to Moderately-Low Risk factors. It invests in a mix of equity shares and fixed income securities like debentures, bonds, treasury bills, and other money-market instruments. The Returns may change as per the fluctuations in the market rate of interests of underlying equity and debt instruments.

S. No.FundFund ObjectiveRisk Factor5-Year Annualized Return
1.UTI Hybrid Equity FundA significant part of the investment goes to Large-Cap stocks and debt instruments, in order to earn regular income besides accumulating capital. The scheme has a higher portfolio ratio due to the value-oriented approach towards the selection of securities. Investors wishing to earn higher returns by having a well-diversified portfolio may consider investing in this fund.Moderately High16.92%
2.UTI Multi-Asset FundThe scheme aims to earn higher returns and limiting risk with the help of a well-diversified portfolio that consists of equity, debt as well as gold. The equity portfolio is managed actively and dynamically with a top-down approach for a Large Cap and bottom-up approach for Small & Mid Cap. Long-term investors seeking to accumulate wealth may invest in this fund.Moderately High10.07%
3.UTI Regular Savings FundThis fund invests in a variety of debt and equity instruments to provide stable returns along with wealth creation. Investors who want to receive regular or monthly income from their investments as dividends while maintaining a low portfolio risk may go for this fund.Moderately High11.27%
4.UTI Arbitrage FundThis scheme tries to earn returns by capitalizing on the price difference between the cash and derivative market. The fund manager would invest a significant portion in stocks and the balance will go in fund resources. Investors who don’t want to go through directional exposure and have a medium-term investment horizon may invest in this fund.Moderately Low6.95%

*The Annualized Returns and other information provided in all above tables is as on December 31, 2018. Do consider the market fluctuations before investing.

Current Best UTI MF- Funds Managers

UTI Mutual Fund has a crew of fund managers with a sound blend of professional expertise and experience in their respective fields to identify growth opportunities and align portfolios towards optimization of fund returns.

Ms. Swati Kulkarni

Ms. Swati Kulkarni is the Executive Vice President and Fund Manager (Equity) at UTI AMC Ltd. She has been with UTI AMC for the past 26 years, is working as Fund Manager since 2004. She is currently a part of the Fund Management team involved in analyzing companies across sectors while assisting the Fund Managers. She has handled MF Research, Market Research, Product Reviews, and Quantitative Analysis while working as a member of the Research and Planning team at UTI. Also, she is a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB – UTI). 

Mr. Amandeep Chopra

Mr. Amandeep Singh Chopra is the Group President & Head of Fixed Income at UTI AMC Ltd. He started his career as a Research Analyst, since beginning in 1994, before moving into the sphere of the Fund Management area. He currently serves on the Executive Investment Committee (EIC), Valuation Committee and the Management Committee of UTI AMC Ltd. Also, he is a member of the Valuation Committee of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and on further developing these markets.

Mr. Ajay Tyagi

Mr. Ajay Tyagi is Executive Vice President & Fund Manager (Equity) at the UTI AMCAsset. He has been working in equity research and fund management functions when he joined UTI in the year 2000.

Currently, he is managing a few domestic mutual fund schemes. His work includes being Investment Advisor to a few India dedicated offshore funds. Before he was a fund manager, he worked as an Assistant Fund Manager in the Offshore Funds division.

Mr. Vishal Chopda

Mr. Vishal Chopda started working with  UTI AMC in January 2011. He has been a part of the Department of Fund Management as Research Analyst. Before UTI, he was associated with CARE Ratings (Credit Analysis and Research Ltd). Currently, he holds the position of Fund Manager and is managing the UTI Lifestyle Fund.

Best UTI Mutual Fund Schemes


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