There are numerous best fund managers in India working in mutual funds investments. Basically, a fund manager is a person who gives direction to the investment made by Investors. Fund managers have numerous responsibilities and role.

  • A fund manager is liable for fulfilling the investors demand and allocate the best investment plans to investors.
  • A fund manager is responsible to provide tax saving mutual fund plans and guide about best short-term investments.
  • A fund’s investing plan and maintaining its portfolio trading activities.
  • Fund managers are paid a fee for their work, which is a portion of the fund’s average assets under management (AUM).
  • Actually, the fund manager will work as a stock-picker.

The best fund managers in India are those who perform well n their records of mutual funds and give higher returns to the investors.

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Duties of Fund Manager

  • Meeting the investment requirements
  • Complying with Governing Authorities – SEBI and AMFI
  • Security of Wealth and perfect location of funds
  • Watch, control the development and performance of the fund
  • Review of the changes in the stock market to examine the volume of the variations.

The best fund managers in India performs all the duties above mentioned in all mutual funds like Liquid mutual funds, debt funds, balanced mutual fund. Also provides short-term mutual funds.

Best Fund Managers in India 2019

Let’s Discuss the best fund manager in India according to different mutual funds companies :

Anil Shah: Aditya Birla sun life Mutual Fund (best fund managers in India)

best fund managers in india

Bargain Seeker- Where greatest investors view the problem.

  • Anil Shah recognises a chance and that has served him stay leading in mutual fund journey. He looks after 3 funds
  • Shah’s record history of delivering steady returns has been likely owing to a checklist that he holds handy prior to making any investment judgment.
  • He shares the experience that in his analysis- he manages to concentrate extra on balance sheet than above earnings per share (EPS)
  • Mr Anil Shahis a Senior Fund Manager at Aditya Birla Sun Life- Asset Management Company in the present day.
  • He has qualifications of B.Com, C.A and ICWA.
  • Mr Shah is a part of the equity team at the firm, basically, he is an equity mutual fund manager.
  • Shah has a wide experience and knowledge in equity research and investments.

Anil Shah returns percentage performance every year :

Fund scheme Name2013201420152016201720183 year5 year
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund7.1156.612.9315.2133.51-4.0713.8318.91

Amit Ganatra: Invesco Mutual Fund (best fund managers in India)

best fund managers in india

Method Stickler- The decision making Approach at best

  • Amit’s decision-making approach can be described from 2 words Reasonable & analytical.
  • The education qualification Mr Ganatra holds is B.com, CA and CFA.
  • His performance as a fund manager at Invesco Mutual Fund, Ganatra has created an excellent track record. Also, addressed return that beat both the benchmark index and its peers by a large parameter.
  • He additionally oversees the Invesco India Large-cap Fund and Invesco India Financial Services Fund that has progressed tremendously.
  • In his practice of over 15 years, he has grown a few thumb rules of investing. One is that when the trends are quite powerful, the whole market gets taken away.
  • Ganatra states that he is gross in various sectors at various times. That is finance, consumer discretionary and industrials forever form the determination of all funds plus investment plans.
  • The schemes he works upon are :
  1. India Tax Plan- Invesco
  2. Invesco India Contra Fund
  3. Opportunity Growth
  4. Invesco India Growth
  5. Indis Large Cap fund – Invesco

Amit Gantra returns percentage performance every year :

Fund scheme Name2013201420152016201720183 year5 year
Invesco India Contra Fund4.6262.964.026.2745.63-3.2414.5520.56
India Growth opportunity Fund- Invesco11.5443.753.833.3339.62-0.2412.8916.51
Invesco India Large Cap Fund9.2039.524.572.7728.34-0.449.5013.88
India Tax Plan -Invesco10.1354.305.813.4235.74-1.2411.4917.74

Chirag Setalvad: HDFC Mutual Fund (best fund managers in India)

best fund managers in india

An active market can be extra challenging than a destructive one

  • Mr Chirag Setalvad is a Senior Fund Manager of Equities at HDFC AMC(Asset Management Company Limited).
  • Mr Setalvad is vast expertise in fund management, equity research and investment banking. He earned a Bachelor in Science degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina.
  • He maintains 7 funds. Involves 3 plans: Equity, Hybrid Equity and Hybrid Debt.
  1. Multi-Asset Fund
  2. Children’s Gift Fund
  3. Small Cap Mutual Funds
  4. Long Term Advantage Fund
  5. Retirement Savings Fund
  6. Hybrid Equity Fund
  7. Mid-Cap Fund
  • The equity-oriented funds controlled by him have delivered annualised returns varying from 15 -22 %.
  • Setalvad says volatility per se is not something to be troubled about. It is normally straightforward to outperform. While rounds of volatility are driven higher by sensations and flows than by fundamentals.
  • He is a fund manager from 18 years of his career life.
  • Mr.Chirag has a great skill and easy to go attitude towards asset allocation.

Chirag Setalvad returns percentage performance every year :

Fund scheme Name2013201420152016201720183 year5 year
HDFC Small Cap Fund7.525.486.425.4360.75-8.0415.9120.21
Retirement Saving Funds- HDFC37.70-6.00
HDFC Midcap Opportunity Funds9.6476.635.8111.3541.66-11.1411.8721.21

Shreyash Devalkar: Axis Mutual Fund (best fund managers in India)

best fund managers in india

Mr Reliable: Deciding to focus on quality overvaluation and has consistently led to beat the market.

  • Mr Shreyash Devalkar is a Fund Manager at Axis Asset Management Company Limited. He is a devotee for quality and extension
  • Devalkar led Axis Fund’s allocation and the stock choice made for entire security to overcome the stormy period.
  • He picks up high-quality majority stocks that are short sensitive to market volatility.
  • Devalkar’s investment basis holds on 4 support — competitive edge, sustainable extension, cash flow creation and a great balance sheet.
  • His educational qualification is B.tech, PGDM and JBIMS.
  • Devalkar’s formula for progress has been easy ” Adhere to quality and avoid value tricks such as public sector banks and pharma.
  • Devalkar cattle are clear of public sector banks, which are exchanging at a lower cost. Also, supports to adhere to private sector banks and NBFCs where the asset quality is valid.

Shreyash Devalkar returns percentage performance every year :

Fund scheme Name2013201420152016201720183 year5 year
Axis Bluechip Fund13.4940.85-1.24-3.6238.036.5112.3214.53
Mid-cap fund- Axis 4.0776.550.85-3.1141.993.4912.4920.44
Axis Multi-cap fund7.05

Janakiraman Rengaraju: Franklin Mutual funds (best fund managers in India)

best fund managers in indiaWhy and how to invest in Small Cap- mutual funds by wealth bracket

Adhere To The Golden Middle: Ability to adhere to view over market cycles.

  • Mr Rengaraju is an Assistant Vice President. Also, Senior Research Analyst – Equities, and Portfolio Manager at Franklin Templeton AMC.
  • He is liable for giving research guide on Auto, Media and Telecom sectors.
  • He maintains that cutting down on errors in the portfolio benefits deliver alpha. With the new correction in the segment, he attains a few stocks have become more flexible.
  • Janakiraman understands that a portfolio created around quality, extension, and sustainability over the long-term, will create significant alpha.
  • He operates a lot of filters usually using parameters such as ROCE and cash tax rates.
  • Also, he is little extra suspicious about companies whose cash tax ratio is below because, if one see their cash flows, one will make out that maximum of them are deferred taxes.
  • His portfolio is a diversified 1 where the top 10 would make up 30% and 40% of the portfolio.

Janakiraman Rengaraju returns percentage performance every year :

Fund scheme Name2013201420152016201720183 year5 year
Franklin India Equity Adv. Fund7.0755.901.964.0031.13-4.979.0115.54
India equity Fund – Franklin5.5556.794.384.9830.63-4.329.5410.49
Franklin India Prima Fund7.4078.146.818.4536.70-9.3511.1321.16
India small comp. fund- Franklin13.2289.929.5610.1943.46-17.339.2822.11
Franklin India Taxshield Fund6.1459.924.054.7229.11-3.019.4416.43


Now that one knows regarding the 5 best fund managers of 2019. In various sections like large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap. One can take a notified decision based on their risk appetite and perfect investment span.

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