SBI along with Amundi, a European asset management company, constituted this trust under the provisions of Indian Trust Act 1882. This trust launched SBIMF or State Bank of India Mutual Funds. It is registered under the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The main headquarter of SBI mutual fund is located in Mumbai.

SBIMF (Mutual fund) management was the first one to start dealing in offshore funds. The main objective being, giving people an opportunity to invest in long term schemes and providing them with huge returns. This fund house is dedicated to a team of highly experienced professionals.

These experts conduct intensive research to outperform the benchmark criteria. It has adopted an active management style to achieve such. Also, there is a huge diversity between the investment schemes like large-cap, small-cap or medium cap.

Benefits of investing in SBIMF

  • The SBI team comprises comprehensive experience and expertise and is one of the major advisors to the pension fund,  financial institutions, and asset management companies.
  • This team has studies the objectives of the investors and invested in the schemes according to such.
  • The spectrum of investment is varied in such context, i.e. from high-risk to low-risk investments.
  • SBIMF offer both domestic and offshore funds.
  • Products offered by SBI carries both empirical research and potential, and for the most part, carries a CRISIL research of 3 or more.

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Top SBIMF schemes

Top SBIMF1 year3 year5 year10 year
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund (Hybrid: Arbitrage)6.065.927.167.14
SBI banking and financial services Fund-Regular Plan (Equity Banking)16.118.74
SBI Bluechip Fund (Equity large Cap)9.8611.4817.2511.33
SBI Consumption Opportunities Fund (Equity FMCG)28.2619.4317.6822.03
SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (Hybrid Asset Allocation Fund)10.369.58

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Best performing SBIMF schemes

SBI equity funds

Fund nameRisk5-year returnObjective
SBI Magnum Midcap FundModerately high24.08This scheme provides liquidity of an open-ended scheme. Investors are able to invest in equity stocks of midcap companies that is well diversified.
SBI Magnum Multicap FundModerately high19.88This fund allows the investors the prospects of long-term growth in their capital through active management of the investments that carry the liquidity of an open-ended scheme.
SBI Bluechip FundModerately high16.97SBI Blue Chip Fund is an actively managed, a well-diversified fund comprising large-cap equity stocks that offer investors long-term growth opportunity.
SBI Magnum Equity ESG FundHigh14.01Magnum equity scheme is aimed at long-term growth, the fund comprises a diversified set of stocks from different sectors like government, environmental, social, etc.
SBI Large & Midcap FundModerately high18.46Large and midcap fund provides opportunities for capital appreciation in the long run by investing in well-diversified large and mid-cap companies.

SBI tax saving funds

Tax Saving Fund NameRisk5-year returnObjective
SBI Magnum Tax Gain SchemeModerately high15.01This scheme offers the benefit of investment in a portfolio of equity shares, with tax deduction benefits under Section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. Depending upon the distributable surplus, it seeks to distribute income periodically, with a lock-in period of 3 years.

SBI debt funds

Debt fund nameRisk5-year returnObjective
SBI Magnum Income FundModerate6.57Magnum Income fund is to generate a regular stream of income through investment in debt and money market instruments.
SBI Overnight FundLow7.36The main objective of this scheme is to enable the investor to invest in the overnight securities that mature the following day.
SBI Magnum Medium Duration FundModerate8.93Money invested in these schemes generates a decent amount of returns with a certain amount of liquidity through investment in debt and money market instruments. Duration of this portfolio could be within 3 to 4 years.
SBI Liquid FundLow7.99In this type, the investor can invest in debt and money market instruments only for a period of a maximum of 91 days.
SBI Dynamic Bond FundModerate6.54This type of investment gives an investor a wide range of investments and attractive returns.

SBI hybrid funds

Hybrid Fund NameRisk5-year returnObjective
SBI Equity Hybrid FundModerate16.47Under this scheme, the investor has an opportunity to invest in the long term capital appreciation opportunity and liquidity in the form of an open-ended scheme
SBI Debt Hybrid FundModerate8.7The main objective of this scheme is to invest in debt and money market instruments primarily and then inequity and other market instruments.
SBI Multi-Asset Allocation FundModerate10.47According to this scheme, the investors are provided with an active portfolio of various asset classes.
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities FundModerately low7.18SBI Arbitrage offers a regular stream of income and capital appreciation by leveraging on the arbitrage opportunities between the spot and derivative market segments. The surplus cash is invested in debt and money market instruments.
SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation FundModerately high9.15Moreover, SBI dynamic asset allocation scheme is specifically designed to offer investors a good mix of equity and equity-related securities and fixed income instruments. Allocation of funds is managed dynamically with the goal of long-term capital appreciation


We discussed some of the best SBIMF schemes in the current market scenario, but it should be taken into consideration that market fluctuates and with this, the scheme return does not remain the same. So, this is not a hard and fast rule to invest only in given services.

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