HDFC Mutual Funds are currently ranked amongst the top 5 fund houses operating in India. Whatever your financial objective, HDFCMF has a plan for you. Be it Equity Mutual Fund, Debt Funds or Hybrid Funds, etc. Whether you want to invest in long-term, short-term, retirement planning, tax benefits or some other reason. This world-class Fund House offers best-in-class customer services to all its investors to take care of their queries or grievances.

HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd was incorporated as a public limited company in December 1999. It received its certificate for commencement of business in March 2000. This AMC has been approved to act as an Asset Management Company for HDFC Mutual Funds by SEBI in July 2000. By now, it has reached a leading position in the market, with around 15% market share under its belt.

Investors from all income groups get a plethora of choices to make in investing in Mutual Funds. They can choose from a huge variety of asset classes, according to their risk appetite.

The AMC follows the belief that preparation is the key to success. Thus, it has set up a well-built infrastructure that helps them study, review, and research. All investments are backed up by effective analysis.

For example, their ELSS funds have made it easier for investors to achieve their financial goals. These are available in both close-ended and open-ended funds.

How to invest in HDFC Mutual Funds?

Shortlist your favorite HDFCMF product and invest with WealthBucket, India’s most reliable and efficient online platform. WealthBucket understands the importance of your investments, for you, and takes care of them too. Choose from the Funds, specially selected for you, not to miss out on the Mutual Funds Benefits. Or you can select the Best Mutual Funds Scheme that you like, online at the WealthBucket Portal.

With WealthBucket, take the Convenient Route

  1. Search and Select the Fund,
  2. Then enter the amount you want to invest,
  3. Now fill in your personal details to complete eKYC,
  4. Lastly, make payment.

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KYC at WealthBucket

KYC or Know Your Customer is mandatory for all Banks and Financial Institutions, including AMC and Distributors. Its procedure and the guidelines are essential and laid down by the Government and the RBI, to prevent money laundering and corruption.

The process of KYC has been simplified at WealthBucket. Once you have provided your details for your first Mutual Funds Investment with us, we would never hassle you with providing the same documents again. We shall retrieve your details for all your future investments, on your instructions, and with your authority, of course.

KYC procedure at WealthBucket is the most convenient, quick and simple. So that the complete investment process is over in a matter of a few minutes, only. With 2 ways to do it, choose the one that suits you best.

Option 1: Choose to get KYC done based on your Adhaar. You will need to submit the OTP sent on your registered mobile number. Or,

Option 2: On the other hand, you can upload the scanned copies of your documents at the portal.

Documents Required for KYC:

  1. Copy of your Pan.
  2. Address Proof: Copy of Utility Bills, Rent Agreement, or Ration Card. If your permanent address and correspondence address is different, submit proof for both.

Types of HDFCMF

HDFCMF has a wide range of products to offer its customers, investors, and patrons. The plans may be Funds of Funds (FOFs), Regular Debt Funds, Equity Funds, or Liquid Funds and other variety of Mutual Fund Products.

Equity or Growth Funds: 

The Capital in such Funds is primarily invested into Equity-Based Market. They could be managed Passively or Actively (Index Funds). Different Plans coming under these Equity Funds are intended to suit different customers, those investing for a shorter or longer duration.

Debt or Income Funds:

HDFCMF – Debt or Income Schemes are intended to create an income for the investors. The Capital is invested in instruments such as Long-term/Short-term Bonds, Debt, Money Markets, etc.

Liquid Funds:

These are the investment options with the lowest possible risk factor for the investors. Capital under the Liquid Funds is invested in Securities. These Funds have a maturity period of 91 days. This makes them a good option to invest, especially for first-time investors. And those looking for liquidity. Besides, they come without Exit Load, adding to the advantages.

Know about Liquid Fund Taxation

Children’s Gift Funds:

Children’s’ Gift Funds from HDFCMF is another brilliantly conceptualized and designed investment scheme. It offers an opportunity to the investors so that their capital grows over a longer period of investment. This investment plan is generally preferred by those individuals who want to gift their children a good corpus when they grow up.

ETF or Exchange Traded Funds:

Under ETF, the capital is invested in the form of Gold, making their risk factor rise substantially. On the other hand, they are a good option, if you are looking for High Liquidity and Pocket-Friendly Mutual Funds Schemes. These Funds are traded in the Stock Market.

Quarterly Interval Funds:

Quarterly Interval Funds allow you to invest in both Open-Ended as well as Close-Ended Schemes. They can be sold or redeemed at pre-fixed intervals of time. The Capital is usually put in Government Securities & Bonds or other Debt Market Instruments.

Annual Interval Funds (Series 1):

Annual Interval Funds are HDFCMF with a low-risk factor. They are quite similar to the Quarterly Interval Funds, investing the Capital into Government Securities and Money Markets. The similar features also include predefined intervals for selling or redeeming the units.

RGESS or Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme:

This one is quite an innovative product on offer by HDFCMF. This is an Equity Investment Scheme, also providing Tax Benefits to the investors. The objective was to attract small and reluctant investors to invest their money in the lucrative capital markets.

Fixed Maturity Plan:

Fixed Maturity Plans are Mutual Fund Plans that invest the Capital in Debt Market and Government Securities. They could be Close-Ended Schemes. The risk factor in such investments is Low.

FOFs or Fund of Fund Scheme:

Under this superbly crafted scheme, the Capital is invested in other Mutual Funds. More often than not, it is an Open-Ended Scheme. The risk factor is High to Moderately High. As a result, the returns are also quite higher when compared to other MF options.

HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Scheme:

These Mutual Funds Plans are Low-Risk plans. The objective is to create a stream for regular earning or Monthly Income. The capital is invested in the Debt Markets. They have a fixed Maturity Date.

The information about Returns is as on March 29, 2019. Do click on the links given to check the latest updated Return.

More about HDFCMF

A. HDFC Equity Funds

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objectives
HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund Series 1HighCreation of wealth over longer-term. Capital invested in mostly Equity and Equity-Oriented Funds in Housing and related sectors. A Close-Ended thematic Equity Funds.
HDFC Equity FundModerate-HighAn Open-Ended Scheme, with Exit Load of 1%. Options available are Dividend (Payout or reinvestment) and Growth. You can only buy this only through the AMC, not through an intermediary.
HDFC Top 100 FundModerate-HighAn Open-Ended Scheme in Dividend or Growth options. It is a relatively low-risk fund compared to funds with less diversification.
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities FundModerate-HighAn Open-Ended Scheme, with significant Corpus being invested in Equity and Equity-Oriented shares from Mid-Cap companies.
HDFC Taxsaver FundModerate-HighAn ELSS Fund, with 3-year lock-in necessary. Achieves the main objective of Long-term Wealth Creation, despite the LTCG 10% Tax imposed.

B. HDFC Debt/Income Funds

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objectives
HDFC Gilt FundModerateThis scheme mainly aims to make credit risk-free returns by investing in  An Open-Ended Scheme, available in both Dividend and Growth options. Nil Entry or Exit Load. Invests a significant part of Capital in sovereign Government Securities & Bonds.
HDFC Corporate Bond FundModerate-LowEarn a steady income. Time Duration limit of 5-years. A significant part of the Capital invested in Corporate Bonds with a minimum AA+ rating.
HDFC Short-term Debt FundModerate-LowApt for investors with Low-Risk appetite. The limit of time duration is 36 months. Earn a fixed interest income with this option.
HDFC Credit Risk Debt FundModerateThis is An Open-Ended Debt Fund to earn fixed income over small to long-term. Mainly invests in Corporate Bonds rated AA and below.
HDFC Dynamic Debt FundModerateAn Open-Ended Scheme to earn regular returns. Investing Capital in Debt and Money Market instruments of different maturity periods. Maximize returns balancing between yield, liquidity, and risk.

C. HDFC Liquid Funds

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Money Market FundLowAn Open-Ended Liquid Fund Scheme in both Growth and Dividend options. Has High Liquidity and Capital Protection. It can only be bought from the AMC.
HDFC Overnight FundLowAn Open-Ended High Liquidity Income Fund. It is often treated as an emergency fund because of its higher liquidity factor.
HDFC Liquid Fund Premium PlanLowCapital is invested in a mix of Debt Securities and Money Market Instruments, to augment income consistently while maintaining a good level of liquidity.
HDFC Liquid FundLowAn Open-Ended Scheme, with Nil Exit Load. Capital is invested in Debts and Money Market Instruments. Has higher liquidity and capital protection.

D. HDFC Children’s Gift Fund

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Children’s Gift FundModerate-HighA significant part of the Capital is invested in Equities or Equity-Oriented Instruments. Actively managed by the fund manager to put the balance in Debts or Money Market Instruments.

E. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Equity PlanModerate-HighThe Significant part of the Capital is invested in Equities and Equity-Oriented shares. To create the wealth that serves as pension income.
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Hybrid- Equity PlanModerate-HighThe Capital is invested in a mix of Debt and Equity instruments, that can be redeemed as Lump Sum or monthly pensions.
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Hybrid- Debt PlanModerate-HighInvestment is primarily in Debt Securities and the balance in Equities.

F. HDFC Fixed Maturity Fund

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC FMP 1434D May 2018 (1)Low to Moderate-LowInvests in Bonds and Debt markets.
HDFC FMP 1181D April 2018 (1)Low to Moderate-LowSame as above
HDFC FMP 1146D April 2018 (1)Low to Moderate-LowSame as above

G. HDFC ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Gold ETFModerate-HighReturns are similar to Gold Funds
HDFC Nifty 50 ETFModerate-HighReturns are close to that of NIFTY-represented returns
HDFC Sensex ETFModerate-HighReturns are close to that of SENSEX-represented returns

H. Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Focused Equity Fund – Plan BLowLong-Term Capital Appreciation from the portfolio of Suitable Securities that have been mentioned in Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme
HDFC Focused Equity Fund – Plan AHighSame as above
HDFC Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme – Series 2HighSame as above

I. Dual Advantage Fund

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series III – 1224DModerateInvests in Debt and Money Market Instruments that have the same or earlier maturity dates than that of the scheme.
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series III – 1267DModerateSame as above
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series III – 1304DModerateSame as above
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series II – 1099DModerateSame as above
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series II – 1160DModerateSame as above
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series I – 1100DModerateSame as above
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund – Series II – 1111DModerateSame as above

J. Capital Protection Oriented Schemes

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC CPO – III – 1173D January 2015LowSafety of investment by investing in debt and/or money market that matures on or before the scheme
HDFC CPO – III – 1207D December 2014LowCapital Protection by investing in debt and/or money market that matures on or before the scheme
HDFC CPO-III- 1100D October 2014LowSame as above
HDFC CPO-II-36M May 2014LowSame as above
HDFC CPO – II – 36M February 2014LowSame as above

K. FOFs or Fund of Fund Scheme

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio FoFModerate-HighAllocates Capital between definite Equity and Debt Plans from the HDFCMF itself. It is suitable for those who want to invest in different asset classes based on PE Ratios.
HDFC Gold FundHighThe Capital is invested in HDFC Gold ETF units, in this Open-Ended Scheme.

L. Annual Interval Fund – Series 1

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Annual Interval Fund – Series 1 – Plan A, BModerate-LowInvests the Capital in Government Bonds, Debt Securities, and Money Market instruments, assuring capital protection. Only choosing those securities that mature on or before the next Specified Transaction Period opens.

M. HDFC Cancer Cure Funds

Fund NameRisk FactorInvestment Objective
HDFC Charity Fund For Cancer Cure – Arbitrage PlanModerateClose-Ended Scheme investing in debt and money market instruments, by using the arbitrage opportunities between cash and derivative market (anything derived from an asset/contract).
HDFC Charity Fund For Cancer Cure – Debt PlanModerate-LowClose-Ended Scheme investing in Government Bonds, Securities, and Money Market instruments after maturity.

Top Fund Managers in HDFC Mutual Fund

Mr. Prashant Jain

The first Indian fund manager who has completed 25 years managing a single fund, in 2019. He is the Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer with HDFCMF, working on HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund since its launch 1994.

Mr. Shobhit Mehrotra

He is the Head of Credit and Senior Fund Manager of Fixed Income at HDFC AMC. With his extensive experience in fixed income markets and credit ratings, he has pushed the AMC to great heights.

Mr. Chirag Setalvad

With 11 years of extensive experience in fund management, equity research, and investment banking. Mr. Chirag is a Senior Fund Manager of HDFCMF, well known for his investment skills.

Mr. Vinay R. Kulkarni

Mr. Vinay R. Kulkarni serves as the Senior Fund Manager of Equities at HDFC AMC. With his extensive experience in fund management and the IT industry, he has earned a great track record as an asset manager.


HDFC Mutual Funds operates the Joint Venture between HDFC Bank, one of India’s leading private sector banks, and Standard Life Aberdeen, one of the world’s top investment companies. HDFCMF was launched in June 2000 as a trust under the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

HDFCMF has a proven track record of positive and reliable fund performance across diverse market cycles and all variety of asset classes. Their main focus has always been to set up a promising infrastructure based on well-researched information and intelligence. Delivering consistent fund performance has always been its USP.

As of September 2018, HDFC MF has been ranked as one of the largest fund houses in the country, by AMFI, with an average AUM of more than Rs. 3 lakh crore.

Visit our website WealthBucket for more details on HDFC Mutual Funds. Also on offer are Mutual Funds from numerous other AMCs, such as Reliance, Aditya Birla Group, etc. We provide all services related to Equity Mutual FundsDebt mutual fundLarge Cap mutual fund or Multi-Cap mutual fund.

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