DSP Blackrock is an association among a 150-year-old Indian financial firm, DSP group and the world’s largest investment management firm Blackrock. It has over 2 decades of excellent track record in dealing with investment. It deals in the following instruments

  • Equity funds
  • Debt funds
  • Hybrid funds
  • International fund of funds
  • Solution funds

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Trailing returns of DSP Blackrock mutual funds


Mutual Fund scheme1-year trailing return3-year trailing return5-year trailing return
DSP Equal Nifty 50 fund -8.80
DSP equity fund -7.588.5015.15
DSP Global Allocation fund 8.385.73
DSP India T.I.G.E.R. fund -17.546.3115.31
DSP Equity opportunities funds -8.7011.0416.18
DSP Natural Res & New Energy Fund -16.6622.0821.47
DSP Focus Fund -8.785.7814.02
DSP Midcap fund -10.3510.9522.32
DSP Small Cap -18.827.3326.72
DSP US flexible equity fund 19.4313.7912.76
DSP World agriculture fund
DSP World energy fund 9.395.34-0.67
DSP World gold fund -10.546.87-2.32
DSP World mining fund 6.2816.40-2.70
DSP Tax saver fund -8.0410.3016.97
DSP Top 100 equity fund -8.346.2210.34

This data is according to the stats on 31st October 2018.

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Top 5 DSPBMF schemes


Top 5 DSPBMF1 yr return3 yr return5 yr return10 yr return
DSP BlackRock Equity Fund10.4711.1317.7512.05
DSP BlackRock Midcap Fund9.5916.125.4916.95
DSP BlackRock Equity Opportunities Fund9.4513.1119.2312.37
DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund7.6112.2219.4512.53
DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund7.37.6812.8510.03

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DSP Blackrock mutual funds: Equity


Scheme nameRisk5 Year return (%)Funds Objective
DSP Blackrock Top 100 Equity FundModerately high risk12.58The main aim of this investment is to invest in equity of the top 100 largest corporations in a country. 80% allocation is done in equity and equity-related securities in the large-cap category. The exit load charged is 1% if the amount is redeemed within 1 year.
DSP BlackRock Equity FundModerately high risk17.36Long-time horizon period coupled with high risk, these investments are suitable for a few. The main objective is to earn income using capital appreciation by investing in equity shares of large corporations. At least 65% is invested in equity and equity-related instruments and 1% is charged an exit load if the amount is redeemed within a year.
DSP BlackRock Equity Opportunities FundModerately high18.94The portfolio is diverse in these instruments, as the amount is invested in equity and equity-related instruments of large and mid-cap companies. At least 35% is invested in these equity related instruments. Investments are done in highly liquid instruments for the successful implementation of this scheme.
DSP BlackRock Small Cap FundModerately high31.85Unlike the previous mentioned, the investments are done in equity-related instruments of small-cap companies. The investment is made in under-owned and under-researched stocks which have a low correlation with each other and with the broader markets. At least 65% allocation is done in equity and equity-related instruments in small-cap companies.
DSP BlackRock India T.I.G.E.R. FundHigh16.74In this scheme, the investment is done in the companies, that will perform better after the government has launched its policies on infrastructure growth and economic reforms. The investments are done in a diverse portfolio which consists of different sectors, market capitalization and between private and PSU companies. At least 80% is invested in equity and equity-related instruments of these firms.
DSP BlackRock Midcap FundModerately high25.21The investments are made in the companies that have immense potential for growth in the mid-cap segment. Unlike, large-cap stocks, these stocks generally trade at a discount. At least 65% is allocated under this scheme.
DSP BlackRock Natural Resources & New Energy FundHigh23.37Under this scheme, money is invested in the companies that operate in economic activity is related to the discovery, development, production, or distribution of natural resources and alternative energy. For this, 80% of the total investments are used.
DSP BlackRock Focus FundModerately high16.47Money invested in these schemes is invested in a multi-cap portfolio i.e. 70% in large caps and 30% in medium caps of equity and equity-related securities including equity derivatives. The upper limit of the derivative instruments is 30 companies. The rest of the amount is invested in debt and money market securities for defensive considerations and/or for managing liquidity requirements. At least 60% is used for this investment.

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DSP Blackrock mutual funds: Tax saving funds



Scheme nameRisk5-year returnFunds Objective
DSP BlackRock Tax Saver FundModerately high19.19The money invested has a lock-in period of 3 years. By investing in this scheme, a person can avail deduction in the tax of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The main aim is to generate medium to long term capital appreciation by maintaining a diversified portfolio that invests in equity and equity-related securities of corporates. The long term waiting period enables the investors to participate in the long term growth potential of equity

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DSP Blackrock mutual funds: Debt Funds

Scheme nameRisk5-year returnFunds Objective
DSP BlackRock Government Securities Fund Moderate6.13The money is invested in certain government securities to generate income. At least 80% of total assets are invested in GSECs of various maturities.
DSP BlackRock Liquidity Fund Low8.0This scheme offers low risk and short term investment horizon. The main aim is to generate reasonable returns considering the low-risk investments and also provide high liquidity. Investments are done in grade money market securities and debt securities with a maturity of up to 91 days.
DSP BlackRock Money Manager Fund Moderately low7.67As it says, it incorporates low risk with a short term horizon of investment. The main objective is to generate returns investing at a moderately low rate of risk associated with it. The portfolio duration is usually 3-6 months.
DSP BlackRock Credit Risk Fund Moderate8.48The risk is moderate and the investment made has a medium-term investment horizon. The investment portfolio’s composition consists of 65% of AA-rated corporate bonds, 35% of debt and money market instruments and 10% of Units of REITs & InvITs.
DSP BlackRock Strategic Bond Fund Moderate7.12Long-term investment horizon combined with moderate risk makes this investment option attractive. The pool money is invested in high-quality debt and money market securities to generate optimal returns along with high liquidity. In the case of money market securities, the average maturity is 1 year and in the case of high-quality debt, it is more than a year.

DSP Blackrock mutual funds: Hybrid Funds

Scheme nameRisk5-year returnFunds Objective
DSP BlackRock Equity & Bond FundModerately High Risk15.62A combination of high return equity and the security associated with the debt investments, this investment is preferred. At least 65% of the pool money is invested in equity and equity-related instruments and the rest is debt instruments. More efforts are put into reducing credit as well as interest rate risk.
DSP BlackRock Regular Savings FundModerately High Risk8.83The idea behind this investment is to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns by investing in high-quality debt securities. 10-25% is invested in equity and equity-related instruments and the rest in debt instruments.


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