Only a few sources are out there to whom you can trust before investing anywhere. And, since everyone wants a low-risk high return investment, we hereby present you with a list of the same. This would be a list of best mutual funds schemes provided by different banks in 2019.

This list contains all the different types of investment including equity schemes, debt schemes or hybrid scheme. But still, we recommend considering your financial goals, investment horizon, and risk profile before coming to a conclusion of investing in any scheme.

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Factors to consider while deciding the best mutual funds scheme

If let’s say your investment goal is

  • for a duration of 5 years, you can go for investing in debt schemes.
  • for 5-7 years, you could opt for equity schemes
  • and for 10 years, other schemes like the mid-cap or small-cap should be considered.

When it comes to the risk factor, it is important to understand that every scheme has some risk involved. Some schemes could be riskier than others. For instance, the liquid mutual fund is the least risky mutual fund among the other debt fund schemes. But credit fund schemes could involve high-risk factors. Another example could be, small-cap is riskier than the medium cap or multi-cap schemes of the mutual fund.

Risk factor plays a huge role as some people don’t want to take risks and for them, some schemes could prove costly. For these people, proper analysis is required.

Best mutual fund schemes to invest in

Axis Bluechip Fund (best mutual funds schemes)

This was one of the top-performing large-cap funds in 2018. This spectacular record was built by this company after failing miserably in the year gone by. Till August 2018, most of the companies had fallen behind their benchmarks. But Axis Bluechip Fund not only matched but also surpassed its benchmark. The 5-year CAGR was 15.22% as compares favorably to 13.22% of NIFTY.

Returns1 year3 year5 year
Axis Bluechip9.64%13.96%15.16%

PPFAS Long term equity (best mutual funds schemes)

PPFAS long term equity option of investment is the only equity investment feature available from Parag Parikh AMC and is famous for its long term investing and value. This AMC has launched 5 years ago but hasn’t launched any other scheme than equity. It has focussed all of its efforts into the effectiveness of this scheme. It has 65% or above foreign investment from companies like Apple or Alphabet and it has been an effective strategy to keep the rupee depreciation in check. Especially, during the election years.

Returns1 year3 years5 years

HDFC Small Cap Fund (best mutual funds schemes)

This fund is managed by the Chirag Setalwad, who has been managing it amazingly since 2014. The 5-year CAGR report at 20.83% beats the nifty small cap at 16.04% HDFC small-cap fund has exposure to chemicals, engineering, and services company. Being one of the best mutual funds scheme in the market, it is important to consider the performance rates given below.

Returns1 year3 year5 year
HDFC small-cap-3.01%17.16%20.83%

Franklin Prima fund (best mutual funds schemes)

After, completing 25 years of its existence it has delivered an outstanding CAGR of 19.76%. In other words, the Rs.1 lakh invested in 1993 would be Rs.90.73 lakh. The 5-year CAGR report stands at 21.68% just slightly lower than 21.75% of nifty. The investment done is more on engineering, automobile, chemical and energy stocks and less money to financial stocks than its benchmark. Franklin Prima fund is managed by R. Janakiraman. And so, investing in these funds would be a good strategy, since he is highly experienced.

Return1 year3 year5 year
Franklin Prima fund-5.34%12.22%21.68%

Axis Long term equity (best mutual funds schemes)

Axis long term equity falls under the ELSS Funds. It is considered a legendary tax-saving mutual fund scheme. Most of the investors have at least some amount invested in this scheme. This fund has delivered 6.49% as compared to 3.31 of its benchmark index (Nifty200). 5- year returns are a whopping 20.53% compared to 14.87% of its benchmark.
This fund has roughly 75% assets in large-caps, 25% in mid-caps and 1.5% in small-caps. This fund is managed by Jinesh Gopani- who has invested in research and conviction making it one of the best mutual funds schemes in the current scenario.

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Returns1 year3 year5 year
Axis long term equity6.49%13.54%20.53%


We discussed some of the best mutual funds schemes in the current market scenario, but it should be taken into consideration that the market fluctuates and with this, the scheme return does as well. So, this is not a hard and fast rule to invest only in given services.

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