We are aiming to make your investment safer and secured for a better tomorrow, which is free of any kind of financial problem.

Investing in best performing financial securities which give-Better Returns-Tax Benefits-No paying of regular transaction fees-Professional Management and help in the growth of your portfolio.

At WealthBucket we are fulfilling all this…

We make “Investing” a wise choice
Keeping investment plan simple by selecting the fund which caters to your financial needs, by efficient “Tax planning”, by “Rebalancing and building a portfolio”, which fulfills your financial goals. The best part is that we have created a set platform for corporate fixed deposits and multiple other mutual investment plans and products all in one-WealthBucket.

So, Sit Back and Relax

We will make your fear of investment go away. Our online services for the management of mutual funds are absolutely free to use. Get instant replies for your queries without hassles.
Wealthbucket -India’s trusted online investment service!

So, Don’t delay and invest today.



Karan Bajpai

“Yes, I am a risk-taker, that’s the courage an entrepreneur should have.”

Karan is a veteran entrepreneur who has completed his graduation from SRCC / CBS, MBA with a Gold medal from ISB, Hyderabad. He also holds a CFA degree. Karan has over 10 years of professional experience including stints as a strategy and operations consultant at Mckinsey and co-founder of several other successful startups

Pulkit Jain

“Always deliver more than expectations

Pulkit Jain is an expert CA (Chartered Accountant), as well as a CS (Company Secretary) with over 8+ of experience. Specializing in Managing, Marketing, and Taxation for Start-ups, Pulkit has co-founded LegalRaasta. Pulkit has increased the team strength to 150+ members and successfully co-founded “WealthBucket”.


Vinod Khatumal

“Vinod Khatumal is a veteran investor. He has mentored multiple startups both in India and abroad. Vinod likes to actively participate in the operations of all the companies, he has made an investment in. He is the founder of NorthStar international. His other investments includes India App Store and Devanagri”

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