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Where do we invest?

Investing your hard-earned money secures your financial future by letting your money work for you rather than you putting in extra shifts at the workplace!

Systematic Investments with interests over time can help with long-term wealth creation. Here are some of the investment avenues where we invest.

Mutual Funds Investment Approach

Mutual Funds can prove to be a tricky enterprise to invest in. A certain degree of know-how and expertise is required in order to properly select and invest in a mutual fund scheme. There is a wide variety of tools, ideas, and designs that can be consolidated into a mutual fund portfolio, which aligns with your financial goals.

However, there are a few factors constant to all the types of financial structures:

Assigning the Asset

Assets allotment planning based on risk tolerance profile and investment horizon.

Selecting the right Mutual Fund

Risk-tolerance returns, and correlation assessment to choose a combination of mutual funds fit for your financial goals.

Reharmonizing the Investment

Risk and Volatility reduction
is done via efficient rebalancing
of funds and maintenance of acquired
assets throughout the investment lifetime.

Funds Performance Review

Our experts conduct a cyclic and frequent
review of the fund’s performance.



Efficient balancing of risk-return ratio for maximum wealth creation via capital appreciation. 60% Equity and
40% in debt instruments.

Growth Plan

Dividend payout in the form
of re-investments in the fund.
Increased Net Asset Value of
fund for higher returns.


Tax Saver

Equity Linked Savings
Scheme (ELSS) helping you
save tax with investments
equity and related securities.
Eligible for Tax Deductions.


High-Risk, High-Return Portfolios
for maximum capital gains.
Strategic equity purchase and
capital appreciation for
aggressive growth prospects.


Long-Term Capital Growth via
diverse investments across
various sectors.
Risk minimization with decent
returns even in market slump.


Capital Protection Funds,
helping you secure your investment
with returns like an equity scheme
and protection like a fixed deposit scheme.

Become a Distributor

Through the platform of WealthBucket, the onboard distributors,
known as WealthBucket Partners, will now get all the essential
tools and services which is required to ramp up the smooth,
successful and highly professional distributing system.

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